I had an amazing stay in Mexico City. One day was not long enough, and I cannot wait to go back. The city radiates culture and there are so many historic things to see and do. I saw and learned so much in such a short amount of time!


Country #15 - Mexico

Must See

Museo Nacional de Antropología - huge but incredible museum about Mexico's anthropology

Catedral Metropolitana - beautiful cathedral with amazing golden altar

Templo Mayor Museum - historic ruins in the heart of the city


Everywhere uses the Peso. However, I did not have a need to use cash. I withdrew some pesos from the airport ATM but found that I could have used my credit card for everything.

local Transportation

Uber is simple and inexpensive. I was also able to walk a lot. For a tourist with a short amount of time the hop-on hop-off bus was a bargain. There is also public transit but I was unable to use it during my short stay.



  Nima Local House Hotel  has generously sponsored my stay in Mexico City, Mexico. Click  here  to read about my stay.

Nima Local House Hotel has generously sponsored my stay in Mexico City, Mexico. Click here to read about my stay.

international transportation

I flew InterJet from Dallas (DFW) to Mexico City (MEX). I flew Volaris from Mexico City (MEX) to Guatemala City (GUA).


You can find anything in Mexico City. I had Mexican food for lunch but a burger for dinner. It is a major city so there are plenty of food options!


Mexico uses standard U.S. plugs - no adaptor needed!


None for U.S. citizens. 


I felt incredibly safe throughout my time in Mexico City. Follow basic precautions, like don't stay out late by yourself, and you should be fine. I felt like I could have been in Madrid or a major US city. Crime in Mexico is definitely a much smaller concern in the city than in the rest of the country.

Should you visit?

Yes! Of everywhere I have been so far Mexico City is at the top of my list to visit again. There are countless things to do and see in the city and I felt so safe exploring on my own. It is also currently relatively inexpensive when compared with the US Dollar. It is also helpful that Mexico City is just a short flight from home. There is so much culture and history in the city and I cannot wait to go back.

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