Saudi Arabia


It was a very quick stop in Saudi Arabia. Not wanting to pay the $850 for a visa or wanting to be accompanied by a male I chose to transit only during my stay.


Country #49 - Saudi Arabia


Must see

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi - historic, holy Mosque

Grand Mosque - considered the most sacred Mosque for Muslims

Safa to Marwa - religious ritual of walking between these two points

*Note - the top sites in Saudi Arabia are holy sites and many may only be visited by practicing Muslims. They are often frequented during Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, and not by tourists.


The official currency is the Saudi riyal.


Taxis are the most common form of transportation for tourists. 

international transportation

I flew Saudia from Dubai (DXB) – Jeddah (JED). I flew Saudia from Jeddah (JED) – London (LHR)


I did not eat Saudi food.


Saudi Arabia uses American, British, and European plugs so just come prepared.


It is ridiculous how difficult it is to get a visa to Saudi Arabia without knowing someone. Visa companies can charge at least $850 to get you a sponsorship letter and then you still have to pay for the visa itself. Knowing someone makes it easier for sure, and hopefully it will only grow easier to visit in the coming years.


I felt pretty safe in the airport, though it was packed with people and very dirty. They pat down all women in airport security.


Nope. Until women in Saudi Arabia have more rights I won't be visiting again. This area is definitely improving but not enough for me to want to visit the country and spend my money more than I had to on this trip (which, other than my flights, I spent nothing). There are obvious religious reasons some might want to visit and if that is you're reasoning then by all means go, but personally I won't be back for a while! Also, for such a rich country the airports definitely need tremendous improvements.

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