STROOM Rotterdam

STROOM Rotterdam is your urban boutique hotel in the sizzling city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. STROOM Rotterdam is created in a former electricity factory. It is not just a hotel, it is a brasserie, a espresso bar, bakery, and store with fresh goods.

STROOM Rotterdam might best be described as being ideally designed for the city it is in. Rotterdam is a city focused on design and so, coincidentally, is STROOM Rotterdam. The entire hotel, from the lobby and restaurant to the room itself, was designed in such a unique manner. Being located in a former electricity factory only added to the cool aesthetic!

This room was 100% one of the most unique of the trip - it was two floors and had a see through shower, a giant soaking tub, and a hidden toilet. The bed and desk were situated upstairs where you are able to look down into the shower.

The bottom floor is the bathroom, bathtub, sink, and the shower with the glass ceiling. I'm telling you, I've never quite seen anything like it, but it was really cool!

Breakfast at STROOM Rotterdam was one of the best of the trip so far. I had an omelette and it was incredible and tons of food as well! There was also a great selection at the buffet, too. The lobby and restaurant area had  a really cool feel to them as well, and overall I just loved staying in such a unique, design focused hotel. If you ever need a place to stay in Rotterdam, definitely check STROOM Rotterdam out!

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