Trinidad and Tobago


While I was not able to explore the country due to an upset stomach, what I saw was great. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the largest Caribbean countries, and one that has many different things to see and do.


Country #3 and #4 – Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago

Country #4 - Trinidad & Tobago

Must see

Maracas Bay - beautiful beach and area

Caroni Swamp - take a boat ride to see the Scarlet Ibis birds

Queen's Park - large park in the center of Port of Spain that borders the zoo


The official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, but I had no problem paying in USD.


Uber is available and relatively inexpensive in Port of Spain. My hotel arranged complementary transportation to / from the airport for me.


  Monique's Guest House  has generously sponsored my stay in Trinidad and Tobago. Click  here  to read about my stay.

Monique's Guest House has generously sponsored my stay in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to read about my stay.

International transportation

I flew Caribbean Airlines from Kingston (KIN) to Port of Spain (POS). I flew Caribbean Airlines from Port of Spain (POS) to Georgetown (GEO).


Many local options are available throughout the city, as well as restaurants that cater more to tourists. Spanish food is the most common - I enjoyed some tasty croquettes!


Trinidad and Tobago use standard U.S. plugs - no adaptor needed!


None for U.S. citizens. 



I was never out walking in Trinidad, but I felt safe whenever I took an Uber in the city. It probably would be smart to avoid walking alone at night, but during the daytime it is a relatively safe country.


I would! The country has a lot to offer. It is both Caribbean with beautiful beaches but also has modern cities like Port of Spain. There are many flights to Port of Spain from the U.S. daily. It is a unique place with lots to see!

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