TUPAC Airport Hostel

TUPAC - Lima Airport Hostel is near the Lima, Peru airport, surrounded by restaurants and a fresh market, and only 8kms from old downtown.

While TUPAC is not in the best location in Lima, it is very convenient to both the airport and the city. It is a hostel but I had my own room with an ensuite bathroom. My stay at TUPAC was okay other than the incident with the firecrackers. You can read more about it in my blog, but basically the neighborhood near the hotel sets off firecrackers and I thought they were gunshots.

The hotel staff were very helpful in the situation and made every effort to help me feel better about the situation.

The accommodations were good overall - basic but convenient and clean. There was also a nice rooftop area. 

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To learn more visit the TUPAC Airport Hostel website here.