I enjoyed walking through the streets of Montevideo even though they were pretty much empty on a Sunday. The city is a little dirty but I felt safe and liked walking to see the main highlights of the city.


Country #29 - Uruguay


Must see


Ciudad Vieja - the old town of Montevideo is really pretty, architecturally unique, and interesting to walk through

Plaza Independencia and Artigas Mausoleum - the large main square and a really interesting burial site of one of Uruguay's early heroes

Puerta de la Ciudadela - what is left of the original wall around the city


The official currency is the Uruguayan peso, but I had no problem paying with my credit cards everywhere that I went.


I walked in Montevideo and used Uber when I needed to go to the airport.


  Montevideo Chic Hostel  has generously sponsored my stay in Montevideo, Uruguay. Click  here  to read about my stay.

Montevideo Chic Hostel has generously sponsored my stay in Montevideo, Uruguay. Click here to read about my stay.

international transportation

I took a Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires Puerto Madero to Montevideo Puerto de Montevideo. I flew Amaszonas from Montevideo (MVD) to Asuncion (ASU).


I had a great steak at a place called El Palenque in the fresh meat market Mercado Del Puerto. Even if you don't eat there it is a cool place to just walk through.


Uruguay uses European type C, F, and L plugs.


None for U.S. citizens. 



I felt pretty safe in Montevideo. Since it was a Sunday the streets were pretty empty, but no one bothered me and I felt safe walking around. I think Montevideo has really stepped up their security recently and I felt safe walking by myself.


Maybe? Montevideo is fine (if dog poop on the streets does not bother you) but I don't know if I would plan a trip here for fun. There is not a ton to see, and there are much more interesting places to see in South America. I enjoyed walking through the city but I saw all of the main highlights in approximately two hours, so there just is not a lot to see, at least in Montevideo. 

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