Welcome to my resources! My aim is to provide as much information as possible to everyone following along, and I hope you find these helpful! To learn more about my travel in a specific country check out the country updates here.

Original TrekWithTaylor Plan

This document is the original plan for TrekWithTaylor in its entirety. This document made me realize that the trip was possible. I worked on it for about a week straight, and it connects every country in 425 days for about $110,000. It was a very, very rough draft and something that I used to plan off of for the rest of my trip. I actually worked really hard to get my costs down substantially, and I estimate my total cost was, at the highest, $70,000. This is something that I am super proud to have worked out as I invested a huge amount of time in doing so! Also, my final plan ended up taking 558 days. A little longer than expected, but still a world record! The dates are included in this document but they are obviously not correct as the plan has evolved substantially - my final itinerary would be almost unrecognizable compared to parts of this one. Even though the costs are all overestimated and most of the plan was changed, I hope this document gives you an idea of how I planned in the early stages and how a trip like this can take place. Visas are touched on here, but to learn more about them definitely see the visa information document below.

Visa Information

This document features visa information for every country, but only for US citizens. This is information that I found online in the beginning of my process that I have not yet gone back through and verified now that I have procured each visa. As a result, please do not use this as a guide but rather to see how many visas are required for even one of the “best” passports in the world.The document is again sorted by region, and I attempted to categorize visas by how long I anticipated their process taking. The projections show how many of each type of visa I have to receive. Also, if you want to know more about a specific country there are links available to either take you to an embassy website or to a google document with all of the available information that I could find compiled in that one place. If you see anything that needs correcting or updating please let me know, as requirements are constantly changing!