This journey needs your help.

While I will be putting my personal savings into this trip, it will not be enough on its own. Also, while my family is behind me 100% in this journey, they do not have the means to financially support me. As a result, I need as much external financial support as I can get. Any little bit helps. And of course, you can also show your support by simply spreading the word to help others learn about my journey. Thank you in advance for any support - financial or otherwise - that you can provide. Thank you for helping to change my life and for allowing me to live out my dream. Thank you for helping me to encourage others to travel. Thank you for making all of this possible.

I am also always open to new sponsorship and partnership opportunities. If you are interested in working together, please reach out!



Your donation will directly allow me to pay travel and visa expenses and break the world records. Further, this will allow me to inspire as many people as possible. Thank you! 

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Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about my trip! There's no better way to make an impact than to help get the word out about what I am trying to do. Thanks for being awesome!

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