Du Vin Rouge

Du Vin Rouge is located in the heart of Tbilisi’s Old Town in Georgia. From the intricate design to the tantalizing bedding, Du Vin Rouge leaves nothing to chance. Whether it’s a getaway or a business trip, you can be sure to feel like royalty at Du Vin Rouge.

The best part about Du Vin Rouge, for me, was the people. The owner, Tigran, picked me up from the airport in the wee hours of the night, and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect with my stay. Everyone who worked at the front desk was beyond helpful and kind, and really the hospitality here was just A+.

The hotel is located in a building that does not look like a hotel from the outside, but once you get past this and to your room it feels right at home. It is very centrally located and just a few minutes walk to all of the highlights in Tbilisi!

My room was spacious and very nice and was perfect after arriving so late at night. There was a small balcony as well as a couch that really provided even more to the room and made it feel even bigger than it was.

I was prepared a home cooked breakfast in the morning that included some traditional Georgian dishes as well as an omelette. I was given recommendations, directions, and advice for my day and was able to have a late check out as well! Really, the people at Du Vin Rouge were so nice and great to just walk with.

To top it all off they even provided my transportation back to the airport which was very much appreciated. I had a great stay in this tiny but friendly place in Tbilisi, and if you ever find yourself there I highly recommend it!

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To learn more visit the Du Vin Rouge website here.