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Go Hotel Shnelli

Go Hotel Shnelli is a tourist class hotel providing personal and friendly service in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn’s Old Town and the historic passenger terminal Balti Jaam. The cosy hotel is an ideal stop for anyone who appreciates kind service, superb location and affordable prices. 

I arrived at Go Hotel Shnelli late in the evening but the quick taxi from the airport was only about a ten minute ride. I was welcomed and given a great room on a high level floor with a view out at Tallinn Old Town.

My room was basic but had everything that I needed and more. A comfortable bed, amazing view, TV, internet, and even heated floors in the bathroom! Those were a very nice plus for sure. 

I had a really great two nights of sleep at Go Hotel Shnelli and loved breakfast both mornings. There was a large variety of food and many drinks and juices to try as well.

The location could not have been better. The Old Town of Tallinn was just a few minutes uphill walk to the very center, and the rest of town was no more than a fifteen minute walk. The area around back of the hotel was also super trendy and filled with great shops and restaurants (my favorites were the ones in old train cars).

I really appreciated the kind staff and the very welcoming stay that I received at Go Hotel Shnelli . If you ever find yourself in Tallinn definitely give them a call!

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To learn more visit the Go Hotel Shnelli website here.