Zentrum is located in a building that dates back to 1875, built with the participation of the renowned architect Alexander Bernardazzi. Zentrum wants to convey to you the spirit of cultural traditions by offering rooms that were made in memory of the great artists of the past and in the honor of the important artist of our days.

There was a mix-up with my stay at Zentrum and through a series of mutual miscommunications I showed up at Zentrum and they had no rooms left available that night. However, they were so kind and helpful and booked me a room at a nearby hotel, the Jolly Aloy! I cannot thank Zentrum enough for all of their help in the misunderstanding and for going out of their way to help me.

I will post a video of the Zentrum lobby instead of my room and a few pictures of the lobby as well as pictures of my room at the Jolly Aloy. The staff were so professional throughout figuring out the situation and they even paid for my dinner at the Jolly Aloy. They went above and beyond for sure! Even though I was only at Zentrum for a short time it was an incredibly cool hotel in the heart of Chișinău in a historic building with a really cool interior.

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To learn more visit the Zentrum website here.