Inhouse Hotel Heritage

Inhouse Hotel Heritage is a boutique Hotel in the Heart of Ximending. Inhouse Hotel Heritage greets travelers with modern comforts, attentive service, and a touch of vintage charm. Located in the area known as Ximending, it’s in the heart of one of the oldest pedestrian districts. You’re steps away from exploring a mix of quirky shops, iconic restaurants, or historical and cultural sights. Inhouse Hotel Heritage was designed to celebrate the cultural importance of the Ximending district in the story of today’s Taipei.

Inhouse Hotel Heritage really is in the heart of a great, bustling area and I was so pleased with my entire stay. The front desk staff were very attentive throughout my time at the hotel, and I immediately fell in love with the great, unique style of the hotel. 

A mix of the new and the old, the lobby felt rustic yet very modern all at once. That same feel translated into my room which was absolutely wonderful. I loved the unique aspects, such as the cool story about the Taiwanese little league team, the fantastic bathroom, and the many welcoming notes.

I slept very well at Inhouse Hotel Heritage and truly enjoyed everything about my stay. From the fantastic location to the great respect and passing on of history it was a truly unique and wonderful place to stay in the heart of Taiwan.

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To learn more visit the Inhouse Hotel Heritage website here.