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Mara House Luxor

Mara House Luxor is more than just a place to lay your head for a night. Mara House Luxor's mission is to show you the Egypt we love, enable you to have the best possible holiday in Egypt, and at the same time give you an authentic experience of a different culture. Travel is the best educator but successful travel demands good planning based on reliable information.

That is where Mara House Luxor comes in.  Not only do we provide reliable information, but we have also put a lot of thought and planning into the trips offered. Mara House Luxor has taken the frustration and hassle out of the research needed for a trip to Egypt. Whether you are coming for 3 days or a month, Mara House is for the independent traveler who wants to see the real thing yet avoid the tourist traps.

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To learn more visit the Mara House Luxor website here.