YOTEL Singapore

YOTEL Singapore offers luxury in the heart of Singapore's Orchard Road. Inspired by first class travel, YOTEL Singapore translates the language of luxury airline travel into smart, well-designed spaces without the hefty price tag. Featuring large open areas, specifically designed for co-working, social gatherings and relaxing, YOTEL Singapore is ideal for business or pleasure.

YOTEL Singapore takes the essential elements of luxury hotels and places them into smart spaces that will deliver rooms, or ‘cabins’ as they are called, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Cabins all feature YOTEL’s signature adjustable SmartBed, rejuvenating monsoon rain showers, relaxing mood lighting, more than enough power outlets, and smart TVs. 

I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed my stay at YOTEL Singapore! Everything from start to finish was perfect and I loved my cabin so much. The lobby is a super modern welcoming to Singapore, filled with self-service check-in computers, robots, and helpful humans as well. I had a helpful human check me in and took the futuristic elevator up to my cabin.

When I entered my cabin I knew immediately that this was one of the coolest places that I would stay on my travels. While the cabin doesn’t impress with its size it makes up for entirely with its ingenuity. I had absolutely everything that I could have possibly needed in my cabin plus so much more! I loved all of the hidden compartments, the welcome Singaporean candy, and, most of all, the stunning view from the bathroom. Literally the entirety of the bathroom was a floor to ceiling window with a breathtaking view of all of Singapore. I highly doubt I will ever have a toilet with such a view ever again! Soon after arriving I took a nap and got to enjoy the SmartBed. I loved how it could fold in to add space to the room but also be an incredibly comfortable bed as well!

After my nap I took a tour of the entire hotel. The Grains & Hops restaurant had wonderful food and was one of my favorite parts of the hotel! It was surrounded by a beautiful infinity pool as well as lots of co-working spaces and private phone booths. There was also a futuristic work out space as well!

Once I had explored for a bit I headed back to my room to try out one of the most exciting features of YOTEL Singapore - the robots! Yoshi and Yolanda as they are so cheekily named are able to help with all kinds of in-room requests and I had to try them out. I had some bottled water delivered to my room and it was so cool to have a robot deliver it so quickly! Not only do they deliver, but they sing adorable songs when dropping things off and seem to have a personality all their own. I love when hotels incorporate technology in unique ways but Yoshi and Yolanda took the cake!

YOTEL Singapore had everything that I could possibly have wanted and more for a hotel room in Singapore: an amazing location, top-notch service, a beautiful room with breath-taking rooms, tasty food, and room-service robots! It was an absolutely perfect stay and I cannot wait to come back someday!

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To learn more visit the YOTEL Singapore website here.