US Territory #1 - Guam

The US Territory

It was basically the next morning by the time I landed in Guam at 5am. I have never been to a US territory before so I was very interested and excited to see Guam. Things were off to a good start when I had a nice surprise of being able to use my Global Entry in the middle of the Pacific. I breezed through immigration and headed outside to meet my driver from Dusit Thani Guam Resort. I knew right then that I was going to have a great time. He picked me up in a Range Rover and I was able to learn a lot about Guam from someone around my own age. It was a great ride even though it was dark outside. At one point we drove down a street that looked like a major high street. Was I on an island or not? It was weird for sure to see so many American things. I know Guam is a part of the US, but being so far from home and having it feel like home was just a new experience.


Guam is lined with many high rise hotels and I was lucky enough to be staying at an amazing one, Dusit Thani Guam Resort. Thank you so much to Dusit Thani Guam Resort for sponsoring this night of my trip! The lobby in itself was beautiful and I was blown away by my room. It was stunning and everything about it was so nice. It had a bit of a local feel while also being very modern and sleek - I loved it! I went to sleep pretty much right when I got as it was already so late.


I only slept for a few hours to be able to enjoy my time in Guam as much as possible. In retrospect I should have spent more time on Guam because I would have loved to have seen more than just the beaches. One of my grandfathers was actually on Guam at some point during World War II so it would have been really interesting to see WWII related sites. Next time, I guess! When I woke up I was blown away by those very beaches. It was a beautiful view to be greeted by and such a nice day outside. I headed outside to enjoy the beach for a while and was amazed with how warm the water was. It was, technically, my first time in the water in the Pacific, and it was beautiful!


I loved being able to walk along the beach and enjoy it for a few hours. The pool area was also so nice and I really wish I had had more time. After a great day I headed back upstairs to pack up before meeting with Steven downstairs. He had helped to arrange my stay and was so great to talk to! I learned more not only about Dusit Thani Guam Resort but about the island as well. We took a few pictures before I headed on my way to the airport. But I had to make one quick stop first: the USPS! 


I definitely had not planned on using the US Postal Service on my trip through Asia and also had never been so excited to visit the post office. I was a little overweight and knew I could mail back a box full of things for as cheaply as if I was on the mainland. I was very excited to shed a few pounds off my bags for only a few dollars instead of having to worry about being overweight for the rest of the trip.

After my way too exciting post office run I was then dropped off at the airport for my flight to Hong Kong. While I was waiting I grabbed some Dominos (because, hey, I was back in America) before boarding my flight. It was a great, yet way to short, stay in Guam and I am so excited to visit again in the future and see more of the island.

107 countries down, 89 to go.

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