Country #28 - Argentina Day 1

Travel Day

Today was almost entirely a travel day, but it was still a good day. I started the morning off with an awesome omelet breakfast at CasaSur Charming Hotel. I loved the communal table breakfast area and think it’s such a great idea - I met a really cool couple from Brazil who gave me recommendations for my time in their country. I also met Eduardo, one of the owners, at breakfast as well. He was so cool and is a huge proponent of travel. He owns the hotel with his wife, and they just had a new baby! I loved getting to speak with him and to learn more about Santiago and how much it is growing from our conversation. I cannot thank Eduardo enough for the incredible stay that I had at CasaSur. I ended my stay on a high note as well, when I was gifted with an incredibly cute three-legged pig meant for good luck! Thanks so much again to CasaSur!


I took an Uber to the airport for my longest flight in weeks. Many cities in Central and South America are within one or so of each other by plane, but Santiago, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina is a little over two hours plus an hour time difference. This still isn’t huge, but I was amazed at how short my flights had been up until this point. When I landed in Argentina around 3PM it took about an hour for an Uber to pick me up at the airport, but it was over $20 cheaper than a cab so totally worth the wait. I think Buenos Aires is another place where Uber is just starting to catch on.

I arrived at my hotel, L'Adresse Hôtel Boutique, which has a great location in Buenos Aires. I was able to check-in and drop off my things, rest for a bit, and then head out for dinner. My room was very stylish and the lobby was really cool as well. I cannot thank L'Adresse Hôtel Boutique for sponsoring this night of my trip!

By the time I arrived in the city it was already dinner time, so I found a great burger place near my hotel, called El banco rojo. It was really yummy and really cheap which I really appreciated. After dinner it was about a ten minute walk to my hotel past many other cool restaurants and shops. I arrived back at L'Adresse Hôtel Boutique very full and very tired. I again fell asleep without trouble, and am really looking forward to tomorrow! I get to explore Buenos Aires with one of my best friends from Vanderbilt, Courtney’s, cousin who is from Buenos Aires and I am very excited to have a local show me around!

28 countries down, 168 to go.

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