Country #81 - Slovakia

The F*** is Bratislava?

It’s safe to say that by this point I was thoroughly exhausted. I slept a few hours on the plane, a few hours on the train, and now I had a whole day and two countries ahead of me. I’ve been to Bratislava, Slovakia before so I had some idea of what to expect and was looking forward to a relaxing day in the small capital city. I arrived around 6am, though, so nothing was open and I sat in the train station for two hours before heading to go eat breakfast.

I ate at a quaint cafe called Mondeiu. I had some really unique but tasty french toast that was topped with bacon and a fried egg. I also had liquid chocolate (like you get in Spain) that was fantastic and filled with berries. After breakfast, I walked by St. Martin’s Cathedral and then walked up to Michael’s Gate. I was basically hitting a few of the high points in one fell swoop!

From there I walked over to Old Town Hall. I didn’t go inside this time as I have been in before, but I highly recommend it as I learned a lot and it’s very well done! My next stop was across the street, the tourist information center. I got my Slovakia signatures here, and the two women working inside were so nice! They even offered me a free spot on the city tour but unfortunately, I would already be on the train out of town before then.

I had a little time to spare at this point so I headed into a cool spot called Urban House where I sat in a comfy chair and drank some tasty apple juice for an hour. My last stop of the day was a store called Kompot, which is known for their unique t-shirt designs. My (and my parents) favorite is the “Where the F*** is Bratislava” design. We literally have a magnet on our refrigerator at home with that on it from my last trip, and I have a button as well! You can’t help at laugh at their self-imposed humor of no one really knowing where their city is. I love it and made sure to stop back by the cool little store that thought of it!

After finishing my whirlwind tour of the city I took an Uber back to the train station where I then took my next train to Vienna (also known as Wien if you are ever travelling about in Europe). I would only be changing trains in Vienna, but I’m excited to be heading to Graz, Austria!

81 countries down, 116 to go.

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