Country #23 - Colombia Day 1

The Crepes

Today I got to sleep in relatively late before taking a taxi to the airport. It was pretty much a travel day, but I got to see a little of Colombia once I arrived! It was one of the longer flights that I have had at an hour and a half. All of the cities so far have been so close together! I landed in Bogota mid-afternoon and took an Uber the hour to my hotel. Bogota is one of those cities where the taxi drivers unfortunately hate the Uber drivers, so it is best to ride in the front seat so as not to draw any attention to the fact that you are a passenger. The ride into the city was interesting; Bogota so far was a lot more modern than I was anticipating!

The neighborhood around my hotel, Mika Suites, is really modern and actually reminds me a lot of New York City. There are a lot of cool restaurants! I got to Mika Suites around dinner time. The people at check in were so nice and my room was very modern and comfortable. Thank you so much to Mika Suites for sponsoring this night of my trip!

After resting for a little while I ventured to eat dinner down the street. I found a really great crepe restaurant of all places, called Crepes and Waffles. I got a ham and cheese crepe and an apple sundae crepe. The language barrier did unfortunately come into play, but not to badly! I accidentally ordered my meal to-go, but it ended up being okay - I just ate in my hotel down the street.

After dinner I did a really cool interview about my trip that has since been published (which you can read here). Afterwards, I did laundry and I tried to go to sleep relatively early before exploring Bogota tomorrow!

23 countries down, 174 to go.

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