Country #71 - Netherlands Day 2

The Art

I had a fantastic night’s sleep before getting ready and having an equally fantastic breakfast! My mom and I had breakfast at our hotel, Ambassade Hotel, and had a view right out the window of the canals. I had a tasty omelette, warm chocolate crepe, and lots of other foods from the buffet. It was a great start to our full day in the Netherlands! After eating we headed to the lobby to meet Eelco, the reservations manager of the hotel. We had such a great conversation and learned so much about both the Ambassade Hotel and its history as well as Amsterdam. I am so glad to have been able to stay in such an interesting and historic hotel - if you want to learn more about my stay head over to the Ambassade Hotel page of my site.

After our meeting, we set out for the day! Our first stop was a hidden courtyard near our hotel, and then we headed to see the Nine Streets in the daylight. They were beautiful last night but are far more picturesque once the sun is up. We saw tons of cute shops before making our way towards Museumplein, the area of Amsterdam filled with, you guessed it, museums! My mom did the Van Gogh museum on her own since I just did it last year, and while she did that I made my way to one of the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam, Vondelpark. Vondelpark is a giant, relaxing, and beautiful park in the heart of Amsterdam, and I really enjoy just taking time to walk through and enjoy it. After an hour I made my way back to meet up with my mom.


Our next stop was a new one for me in Amsterdam - the Moco Museum. The Moco Museum features art by two artists only, Banksy and Roy Liechtenstein. It was definitely a change of pace as far as museums go and I absolutely loved it. It was so interesting to see so much of Banksy's art in one place as you don’t even normally see it in museums. It was also a very informative museum as far as learning about the inspiration behind many of Banksy's iconic works which I really appreciated. After finishing Moco Museum relatively quickly (it’s really small) we made our way to Stedelijk, Amsterdam’s modern art museum.

Stedelijk was one of my favorite museums on my last visit, but what was so incredible about my visit this time was that the entire museum was completely different than last time, and it had only been a year! It was still a great museum, though, and we saw lots of interesting pieces before heading back outside to Museumplein, where we walked to take a picture of the infamous I Amsterdam sign. From here we took the tram over to Albert Cuyp Market, which was another new experience for me.

Albert Cuyp Market was a great street with tons of vendors. We had two of the best stroopwafels ever (definitely visit just for the stroopwafels) and some very tasty fries. We walked through the market pretty quickly before heading back towards the Nine Streets to buy a small print that was in a store that had been closed earlier in the day. We then stopped by the flower market (Bloemenmarkt) where we got a few tulip bulbs to take home. Our next stop was then back by Van Stapele Koekmakerij to stock up on more cookies before leaving Amsterdam. If my last post didn’t convince you maybe this one will - they are literally the best cookies in the world and there is no argument and you have to go if you ever visit Amsterdam. The lady at the register even remembered us from the day before! We then headed back to our hotel to warm up for a bit.

We decided to do a night cruise to see the Amsterdam Light Festival, giving us only a little time to grab a small bite to eat beforehand. We decided to try The Lebanese Sajeria, a small spot that was right outside of our hotel and smelled amazing every time we walked by. It was a great decision because the food tasted as good as it smelled! We split a really yummy Manouse flatbread before catching our boat around the canals.

The light tour was so cool! I highly recommend visiting Amsterdam during The Amsterdam Light Festival because it was so cool to see an art exhibition based on light from the water. After about an hour and a half on the water, we arrived back and made our way back to Ambassade Hotel to get a good night’s sleep before an early morning heading to Helsinki, Finland tomorrow!

71 countries down, 125 to go.

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