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Attalos Hotel

Attalos Hotel has been internationally recognized as “Your Home away from Home, in the heart of Athens". The 78 rooms have all modern conveniences. The roof garden and bar of the hotel offers the ideal setting to enjoy the magnificent views of the Acropolis, the Lycabettus, and a panoramic view across Athens. Attalos Hotel offers a pleasant stay and easy access to discover the beauties of Athens.

Attalos Hotel was a small hotel that fit my needs perfectly for my stay in Athens. I cannot say enough good things about the location. It was less than five minutes from a direct connection by metro to the airport, and it also was within walking distance of almost every major site in Athens. The neighborhood surrounding it had tons of great restaurants to choose from – so much so that I often found myself back near my hotel almost by accident!

When I arrived it was very late and I was greeted and the headed up to my room. It was small but had everything that I needed and provided a good nights sleep. The best part of the room, though, was definitely outside. There was a balcony that if you looked in the distance you would realize that you could see the Parthenon and the Acropolis! It was awesome and such a cool little surprise. It definitely was a nice welcome to Athens.

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar was under construction so I was unable to see the best view from Attalos Hotel of the Acropolis, but I’m sure it will be a great spot once it is finished. The staff at the front desk were all very nice and welcoming whenever I came back to the hotel, or even when I left. I really appreciated how interactive that they were.

Overall, my stay at Attalos Hotel was great. The location was perfect and so easily accessible, and the view was one that would be very hard to beat!

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