Dar Ayniwen

Dar Ayniwen offers 5-star level in the very exclusive resort of only 10 suites. Dar Ayniwen provide a concierge service, a tour desk, and free shuttles into town each day. The friendly and discreet staff strives to provide the best service possible to ensure that a stay at Dar Ayniwen is truly unforgettable.

Dar Ayniwen was an actual haven and one of the top hotels that I have stayed in on my travels. Dar Ayniwen is located about ten minutes driving time outside of the center of Marrakesh but that is what helps to make is to spectacular. The entire giant property is so secluded and serene it feels like being on a different planet when compared to the chaos that can be Marrakesh. Dar Ayniwen provides a free shuttle both for the airport and into town and it was such a nice service to have readily available.

I arrived late at night and was greeted with a warm welcome and a great tour of the property. It was originally built as a family house by Stephane - the manager’s - father. And boy, was it something. It honestly felt like I was on the set of a movie. It was so perfect and so unique in all of the best ways. The house was filled with artifacts and collectibles from around the world. My room was on the second floor and I truly couldn’t believe it when I walked in.

I had not one, but two balconies, one of which was an entire patio area with multiple chairs. It looked like an incredible place to just sit and relax. The second balcony was smaller but had a view of the gardens outside. The room itself felt very Moroccan in the best ways. It was very nice and also very comfortable. My bathroom was across the hall and was truly stunning. I’ve seen some nice bathrooms, but the tilework in this one just made it so visually appealing.

After a great night of sleep breakfast the next morning truly set Dar Ayniwen apart. It was my first time seeing the property in the sunlight and it was truly breathtaking. Eating breakfast by the pool in the huge garden area behind the house it actually looked like paradise. The weather was perfect, the Moroccan version of pancakes were quite tasty, and I realized I could spend weeks enjoying this perfect hotel.

After taking the shuttle into and back out of the city I was very glad to have a nice and quiet place to come back to. In the evening I met with Stephane, the manager. It was so interesting to learn about Stephane and his history (he went to University in the US) and also the history of Dar Ayniwen. It was very cool to learn that most of the items in the house were actually collected by his father when he traveled. Some of the items were so unique, like a Syrian wedding bench, that they probably belong in a museum instead of a hotel. The property is very eco-friendly and is home to many animals. My favorite were the birds, which Stephane was inspired to start collecting after visiting living in Florida. We had a really great conversation and it was very enjoyable to learn about such an incredible hotel.

I decided to eat dinner at Dar Ayniwen after a long day out and about in Marrakesh. I informed the kitchen a bit late, but luckily they did have vegetable kuzkuz available. I had never had it before so I gave it a shot, and actually enjoyed it! It wasn’t my favorite dish ever but it wasn’t bad and is not something that I can have everyday at home. I’m very glad that I tried it and, like with everything else, Dar Ayniwen did a great job with it.

It was very hard to say goodbye to a property that I so quickly fell in love with and one that I would love to come back to and enjoy for more time in the future. I had another great breakfast the next morning before I was gifted with a necklace as a keepsake and then driven back to the airport. I cannot Dar Ayniwen enough. If you are visiting Marrakesh, and especially if you are a bit wary of staying in the heart of the Old Medina like I was, it is the perfect paradise just a ten minute drive away. It was one of my best stays ever and I cannot thank everyone at Dar Ayniwen, especially Stephane, enough!

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