Lamaraz Arts Hotel

Lamaraz Arts Hotel is an authentic hotel offering high quality services. An attentive staff will makes visits unforgettable. Lamaraz Arts Hotel is The Luxury Experience in Algiers.

The funny thing about Lamaraz Arts Hotel is that they were not originally a sponsor of my trip. I booked them online as I had not heard back from any hotels in Algeria and it seemed like a good place to stay for a good price. In my emails to arrange a driver at the airport, though, Karim discovered who I was and what I was trying to do. This was all unbeknownst to me until I was greeted by Karim who was holding flowers at the airport. It was the sweetest unexpected gesture!

Things only continued to be amazing from there. I had a great traditional buffet dinner at the Lamaraz Arts Hotel restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. You could see the entire city of Algiers from the top and it was beautiful! Karim joined me for dinner and helped advise me on what to try. I, shockingly, didn’t dislike anything that I tried! It was a very enjoyable night talking about many different things, from sports to culture and really everything in-between.

I had a nice traditional welcome drink when I checked in and then headed to my room. My room itself was very modern and nice. It came with a fruit basket and one of the coolest features that I hadn’t seen before was a little camera that would show you who was at the door. The shower was one of my favorite parts of the room along with the nice view of Algiers.

I was truly stunned when Karim offered to take me on a free tour of Algiers the next day. We met at breakfast, which was full of food, before heading out for a quick trip through the heart of the city. I couldn’t believe how generous Lamaraz Arts Hotel was being and how lucky I was to stumble into an amazing place with great people. The tour of the city was fantastic and really provided me with a great opportunity to see Algeria that I otherwise would not have had.

I was driven back to the airport by Karim why I bid farewell and could not thank enough for everything. Though they didn’t sponsor my room they gave me more than enough in terms of experiences, food, and transportation. It was such a nice surprise and one that I am very thankful for!

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