Diplomat Fashion Hotel

Diplomat Fashion Hotel elegant and luxurious, is a Boutique Hotel outlining the details that turn your stay into a unique and complete experience, with a harmonious location between the city center and industrial zone. At 22 years old, with numerous achievements, and a customer oriented philosophy, Diplomat Fashion Hotel applies the very high standards of the Albanian hospitality. Diplomat Fashion Hotel is part of the elite of the hospitality industry in Albania.

Diplomat Fashion Hotel has a good location in central Tirana. You have to take a taxi to the heart of the city but that was easy, quick, and inexpensive! Diplomat Fashion Hotel was such a unique place to stay, and I really enjoyed my time there.

My room was very trendy and unlike any other that I have stayed in so far. I loved all of the colors throughout the room, and the lighting was another favorite touch. The bed had interesting drapery over it that really set the room apart, and I also appreciated the cozy couch!

Service at Diplomat Fashion Hotel was top notch. The restaurant was closed while I was there so the kind girl working the front desk ordered me a pizza and brought it to my room. Not only was it super helpful but it was quite tasty too! I slept really well before having a nice breakfast in the nice dining area downstairs. I was able to store my things for the day without issue and help was readily available with any questions that I had.

My favorite part about Diplomat Fashion Hotel was definitely the really unique rooms. From the street it just looks like a regular hotel, but inside there is truly a special design touch that set it apart. One small thing to note: when staying at Diplomat Fashion Hotel be sure and be aware that there are two Diplomat hotels in town – it was a bit confusing at first but eventually I was able to figure out which one it was with my taxi driver.

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