Pergola Hotel

Pergola Hotel offers guests a total of 91 elegantly designed and comfortable units to stay in. Each has been designed with all the facilities and amenities that you would expect from a high calibre establishment, and provides all the comforts that ensure you feel perfectly at home.

Pergola Hotel is about an hour bus ride through the winding streets of Malta but it was totally worth it! Located right across the street from the bus stop the hotel is nine stories tall with the lobby located at the top. I took the elevator from the street up to the lobby where I checked in and headed to my room. The staff at the front desk were great and I loved talking with them about my trip.

The room itself was fine and had everything that I needed and more. It even had a kitchen! It was quaint and nice and clean and, most importantly, had an incredible balcony that overlooked the city of Mellieha.

I arrived a little before sunset so I was able to get some amazing pictures of the view and the stunning church that was quite breathtaking. The view continued in the other direction to include the water off the beautiful coast of Malta. It was stunning and I loved being able to sit on the balcony and take everything in.

I spent some time exploring the hotel which felt to me more like a resort. There was a very nice infinity pool (that must have been heated as some people jumped in it in the middle of January), a cool cave bar, and a restaurant with the same stunning view. I ate at the restaurant for dinner and had a good burger with fries. The wait staff were very helpful and enjoyable to talk to.

If you are looking for a place with tons of amenities, a great view, and excellent service, Pergola Hotel is the place for you in Malta. Throw in the easy bus stop access and it doesn’t get much better!

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