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Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel is an exclusive small Eco Friendly Boutique Hotel set in the medieval old town of Rhodes.  With every attention to detail possible the integrity of the building has been kept. Originally built by the Crusaders and later altered by the Ottomans it has a wonderful mix of architectural influences and has been classed as a monument of special importance. 

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel is a hotel that I won’t ever be able to say enough good things about. It was one of the most welcoming hotel environments that I have ever visited, and that is saying a lot! When I arrived in Rhodes I walked through the castle like city walls and over the winding cobblestone streets to arrive at Spirit of the Knights.

I was greeted by Lena who made me a fantastic welcome breakfast. We talked for a bit before I made my way up to my room. I really appreciated the breakfast after a very early morning and from that point on I was blown away by Spirit of the Knights from the very beginning.

The hotel itself was so cool as it felt like staying inside of a castle! It was very grand but also very authentic and unique. My room was fantastic. It had a sitting room with a very comfortable couch/bed that was a great place to sit and work. I also loved the shared sitting room outside of my room: it felt like something straight out of the Middle Ages. It was filled with books and chess sets and great places to just sit and enjoy the room. The entire property truly felt magical and it was just such a relaxing place to stay for two days.

On my first night at Spirit of the Knights I met Duncan, who I had corresponded with over email. He was so nice and very helpful with anything that I needed! Duncan recommended literally the only restaurant that was open within the old city that night that turned out to be a great spot. He was always so enthusiastic and genuine and I made sure to stop in and say hi or bye whenever I was coming or leaving.

On my second day I had another great breakfast and Lena offered to get dinner with me! I was more than happy to get to know her over dinner. We went to a really cool little spot located in the new part of the city which, contrary to the old city, was actually open for business. We had a great time at dinner! I really enjoyed learning about her time spent in Rhodes, the US, and talking with her about Russia (where she is originally from) as well.

It was bittersweet to tell both Lena and Duncan goodbye as I had really enjoyed talking with them both. In the early morning of my departure Duncan helped me carry my bag over the cobblestones and even packed me a tasty grilled cheese for my travels. I could really care that Spirit of the Knights truly cares about their guests and it was just a fantastic experience. I can’t recommend it enough if you ever find yourself in Rhodes!

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