Hotel Sirius

Hotel Sirius is located in the center of Pristina. It is one of the best hotels in Kosovo, which offers commodity and safety for all the guests. All the rooms in Hotel Sirius have been designed in order to make you feel comfortable and cozy while staying in the center of Pristina.

After a long few days of bus rides arriving at Hotel Sirius was a welcome relaxation. The hotel feels very new and modern and is situated in the heart of Pristina, Kosovo near many local shops and restaurants. It was snowing heavily when I was there so I didn’t get to explore the area extensively but it seemed very safe and popular! Upon check-in I was greeted warmly and given a nice big room with a view of the city.

The room had a nice couch and sitting area, large king sized bed, and a huge bathroom as well. There was a rooftop restaurant but the snow kept me from nice and cozy in my room once again. The wifi was fantastic as it was the first time in a few days that I had time to spend working. I loved the comfortable yet stylish feel of the room – it was very relaxing and nice to work in!

Breakfast at Hotel Sirius was top notch. There was a buffet selection and I was also able to order an omelet. The service in the breakfast area was very accommodating and everyone was so nice! Upon checking out I met more kind people who were interested in my trip and helpful in calling a taxi in the downpour of snow and helping me to take pictures in said snow. It was quite the funny ordeal but I really appreciate the help of everyone at Hotel Sirius throughout my stay! It was just what I needed and a perfect place to relax in Pristina.

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