Country #10 – Dominica

Island Hopping

After another good night’s sleep I packed up my things in Grenada and headed to the airport. I checked in and arrived at  my gate with no problems, and then spent an hour on the phone walking my brother through how to register for his classes at Vandy tomorrow. I then boarded my flight to Bridgetown where I was transferring to Dominica. It was a very quick transfer time - about twenty-five minutes - but luckily both me and my bag made it in time!

After arriving in Dominica I found a driver and drove around the island for about an hour. It is beautiful. Dominica is referred to as the nature island, and it is not difficult to see why. My driver listed off at least ten different fruits that were growing around us as we drove, as well as sweet potatoes, avocado, and cocoa. He was very helpful and pointed out so many different plants and sights. The island is incredibly lush to the point that it does not even look real. There is almost no development so it is amazing to drive through.  There are over three hundred and sixty rivers on the island and it also has many waterfalls. I wish I would have been able to see more, but unfortunately my quick drive through was all that I could manage.

I was originally supposed to spend the night here but things had to shift around due to a flight change. After driving around I headed back to the airport where I ate a burger at the one airport restaurant. I then used the so-so wifi to do some work and wait the three hours for my flight. The tiny airport was filled with flies but that wasn’t too surprising for the nature island.

My flight to Antigua and Barbuda was fine but I was shocked when I saw the airport. It was giant and brand new! Very different from every other airport I had seen in the Caribbean. After an easy processing  through immigration and customs, I met my hosts for the next two days outside: Karol and Merve! Karol is from the UK and Merve is from Jamaica. They own Stoneyhill Studio Apartments in Antigua and Barbuda, a lovely three room complex with  stunning views of the island. Thank you so much to Stoneyhill for being a sponsor for two nights of my trip!

We talked the entire thirty minute ride and I learned a lot about them and the island as well! We stopped and got chicken on the way and I was then dropped off at my room. It was so nice and even had American TV so I could watch the last Nashville Predators game that they unfortunately lost. Afterwards I went to sleep very easily: it was quite the day!

10 countries down, 186 to go.

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