El Salvador

Country #19 - El Salvador

El / San Salvador

I was able to sleep in again this morning, and I am already feeling much better! I had an afternoon flight to San Salvador, El Salvador, and I honestly cannot remember which is the name of the city and which is the name of the country. It’s a little confusing! I drove back to the Belize airport with the same cool driver as well as a couple from Knoxville, TN. They were in Belize staying in a resort area and really loved their stay. It was great getting to talk with them!

I landed in San Salvador at a really nice, modern airport. Customs and immigration were simple, although you do have to pay $10 at immigration. I met the driver arranged by my hotel, Morrison Hotel de la Escalon. Thank you so much to Morrison Hotel for sponsoring this night of my trip! The drive into the city was uneventful, and we soon arrived at Morrison. The front desk was very helpful upon my arrival, and it was such a cute little hotel in the middle of the city! While I felt relatively safe on the drive into the city, San Salvador is another one of those very dangerous cities very high on the homicide rate rankings. This, coupled with my still recovering stomach from yesterday, led me to decide to stay in for the day.

Morrison Hotel had a really nice courtyard and pool area in the middle right outside of my room. My room was very comfortable and I rested and worked for most of the day. While once again I hate that I was unable to see more of El Salvador, I feel like it was the right decision. I have a really early flight in the morning to Nicaragua before finishing up Central America and starting on South!

19 countries down, 177 to go.

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