Country #9 – Grenada

From One Beach to Another

I woke up very well rested and ready to savor my last few hours on St. Lucia at East Winds. I had an incredible breakfast cooked by the chef, Paula, of one of the best bacon and cheese omelets I have ever had, along with cantaloupe, a locally grown banana, and some orange juice. I then spent one last hour on the beach with a Pina Colada. The weather the entire time I was there was just perfect – around eighty-five degrees, partly cloudy, with a breeze. The water was also completely clear and it was basically just, as I’ve said before, paradise.

My driver to the airport arrived about 11:30am. He was a great driver, stopping multiple times along the hour and a half drive to the airport on the other side of St. Lucia to let me get out and take pictures. The road to the airport was winding the entire way, so be prepared if you ever visit! It is non-stop turns, but such a beautiful drive. The cost to UVF airport was $90 – it was a long drive but like I said in my last posts, taxis in St. Lucia are very expensive!

The airport was so crowded with tourists, most of them American, Canadian, or British. My flight was a British Airways flight to Grenada – my first non-Caribbean based airline for a flight to an island! But it wasn’t just any BA flight. This one had come all the way from London, so it was a jumbo-jet. It was so cool to board such a big plane using stairs instead of a ramp. You see just how massive those planes really are! It was also quite the juxtaposition with the tiny propeller planes that I had been flying. The flight was less than an hour, but the real problem was immigration. It was my first really long immigration line of the entire trip! It took over an hour and a half because so many people came off of the giant BA flight.

After clearing immigrations and customs, I then took a taxi to my hotel. I arrived around 5:00pm and immediately left for dinner to avoid walking in the dark. I stayed at SeaBreeze and had a great stay! Other than the large amount of stairs you have to mount with your suitcase, everything was great. My room was clean and had a balcony as well. Thank you so much to SeaBreeze for sponsoring this night of my trip!

I headed to the Grand Anse Beach across the street. Once again, it was a beautiful Caribbean beach! There were tons of locals enjoying the beach but also tourists as well. I walked about fifteen minutes along it to get to Umbrellas, a restaurant on the beach. I sat upstairs and had a great view of the beach and the ocean. I ordered a pulled pork burrito, but it was pretty special – it was composed of pulled pork, cheese, sour cream, and French fries all in the burrito. I know it sounds strange, but it was SO good and I am so glad that I ordered it! The restaurant had a great atmosphere and was filled with both locals and tourists.

I then walked back along the beach to my hotel. SeaBreeze is not directly on the beach, but right across the street from it. I actually saw quite the interesting sight when crossing the street. I walked past a cemetery that was filled with goats jumping from grave to grave. It was quite the sight – I couldn’t believe it! Pretty funny I might add.

After arriving back in my room I worked for a while on my website and then got another good night’s sleep. It was a short but sweet stay in Grenada, but I was very glad to see the Grand Anse Beach!

9 countries down, 187 to go.

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