Country #20 - Nicaragua

Monkeys and Parrots and Toucans

I left my hotel in San Salvador, El Salvador and flew into Managua, Nicaragua pretty early this morning. Upon landing, I again had to pay $10 at immigration. I took a car arranged by my hotel, Art Hotel Managua. Thank you so much to Art Hotel Managua for sponsoring this night of my trip! The drive in was interesting, with a lot of the city looking the same and then we came upon an area along the water that had been developed into what looked like a large park/entertainment area.

I checked in to the hotel where I was greeted at the front desk. He was very welcoming and helpful and showed me to my room right by the pool. The most exciting thing for me, though, was all of the animals that Art Hotel has! I spent a while playing with the two monkeys, as well as attempting to talk to the parrots, and looking at the toucan. The monkeys were so cute and playful - I don’t think I saw them not playing once!

I again spent my day in the hotel today. I know that these are not the most exciting of blog posts, but I promise I start being able to explore cities again tomorrow! I probably could have gone out in Managua, but once again I did not feel entirely up to it and wanted to avoid any potential problems. Managua is definitely safer than San Salvador or San Pedro Sula, but I likely would have wanted to have a guide to make sure I was safe around the city. I would love to come back to Nicaragua to explore some of the smaller cities in the country that I have heard have a lot more character than Managua.

I was able to work a lot on things on my website and making sure all of my pictures and videos were uploaded. I went out to play with the monkeys a few times because they were just so cute! I went to sleep pretty early once again before an early flight tomorrow to Costa Rica.

20 countries down, 176 to go.

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