Country #64 - Bahrain

The Hotel Room

When I arrived in Bahrain I had to get a visa on arrival because my eVisa, unfortunately, didn’t process in time (even though I requested it with what was supposedly enough time for it to process). The visa on arrival was so simple. You pay at the immigration desk, can use credit cards, and it is issued instantly - definitely do this as opposed to the eVisa system for Bahrain if you ever visit! It is also cheaper so I don’t quite understand why the eVisa system is even a thing.

After clearing immigration I made my way to the exit where I met the driver to my hotel, Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area. And, fun surprise, he picked me up in a Jaguar! In retrospect, this definitely should have been a sign of how amazing my hotel room was going to be. It was only about a ten-minute drive from the airport. I was greeted very warmly and then given a room on - get this - the 32nd floor! I still had no idea just how incredible the room was going to be.

When I walked in it’s safe to say that my jaw absolutely dropped to the floor. It was a massive, stunning suite with floor to ceiling sea views, a kitchen, living room, giant bathroom, and more. It was beautiful and even though it was 3am I didn’t want to sleep because I just wanted to spend time enjoying the room. After walking through it multiple times (and Facetiming my parents to show them as well) I finally sat down in the great living room to work for a bit. I wasn’t kidding - I really didn’t want to go to sleep so I could spend more time just soaking up the room.


I finally went to sleep around 5am and slept until 7am. It was definitely not enough sleep but was worth it to see more of the hotel. I had a great breakfast with a made to order omelette and great service. I then made my way back to my room where the view in the daylight was even better. The sea view was just stunning and I also loved the view out over the city. I could not have asked for a more perfect room - I’d live there if I could it was so cool!

The time came too quickly to check out. It was honestly painful to have to leave such an amazing hotel room. I cannot thank everyone at Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area enough for an incredible stay. Not only was my room stunning, but it was without a doubt one of the top three hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in, and I was so sad to only be in it for a few hours. I definitely wish I could have had a later flight out of Bahrain! It was definitely a short stay but I hope to spend more time in Bahrain in the future.

I took an Uber back to the airport where I had my first of many flights of the day. This one was to Kuwait, and it was a very quick flight!

64 countries down, 132 to go.

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