Monique's Guest House

Country #4 - Trinidad and Tobago

Sick Day #1

Today I woke up excited to explore Trinidad and Tobago but quickly realized that was not going to happen. I knew I would get sick on this trip multiple times, especially from all of the new foods that I am eating. Instead of exploring I was stuck in the room all day. I managed to eat a pack of Cheese-Its and work on plenty of things that needed to get done, but my day definitely did not go as planned to say the least.

I wanted to see the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Maracas Bay, and Caroni Swamp National Park, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I still have so much ahead of me that I want to make sure I don’t burn out too quickly or get even more sick! After a few hours spent in bed at Monique's Guest House I had an interview with my local newspaper, The Tuscaloosa News, and a skype interview with them and my parents later in the day. I also did laundry for the first time on the trip. I used my Scrubba bag (shout out to Scrubba for the amazing product!) and it worked like a charm! I was definitely apprehensive doing laundry on my own using just a sink, but the Scrubba made it super easy – there are even instructions on the bag to help the laundry challenged. At least I had a productive sick day!

By dinner time I was starving and wanted to at least drive through the city. I found Buzo, an incredibly raved about restaurant that currently holds the top ranked spot on TripAdvisor. I felt up to it and called an uber. When I arrived I was seated with no wait and had the most incredible bread – it was steaming when it got to the table. I ordered the four cheese ravioli (I know, not great for someone with an upset stomach) but it was indescribably good. There was a hint of honey to it and breadcrumbs on top, both of which made it so unique and tasty. I unfortunately could only eat half, but I would honestly go back to Trinidad just for this meal. I definitely want to go back anyways because I feel like I missed out on seeing so much that the city had to offer.

After dinner I went back to my hotel and was able to watch the Nashville Predators game, as well as the Vanderbilt baseball game! Both seasons are coming to a close and it's been nice to have a little bit of home in the form of sports with me on the trip. So, it was a night filled with sports while I worked on planning future flights. I also ironed my laundry in an attempt to help it dry quicker - the humidity here is a killer. It was time consuming but eventually worked. I definitely wish my day had gone differently, but sometimes you just have to roll with what travel throws at you!

4 countries down, 192 to go.

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