MoonRaker Beach House

Country #13 – Barbados

Rain, Rain Go Away

My 4am wakeup call definitely came too quickly this morning. I told John and the Culture House goodbye and headed to the St. Kitts airport. It was a quick twenty-minute flight back to Antigua, where I then changed planes to fly to Barbados. It was definitely the longest of any of my between island flights, but even at that, it was still only about an hour.

When I landed in Barbados I had no problems in immigrations or customs and easily found a taxi outside. It was pouring rain, but thankfully my hotel, the MoonRaker Beach Hotel, was a quick ten-minute drive from the airport. There was a chalkboard sign welcoming me and telling me which room was mine. I found my keys waiting in the door and quickly settled in inside. It was a nice room with a very comfortable bed as well as a patio with a view of the water outside. Thank you so much to MoonRaker for sponsoring this night of my trip!

The hotel is not in the heart of the city, so this plus the never ending downpour helped me to decide to spend the day at my hotel. While I wish I could have seen the city, there would not have been much to see besides being drenched from the rain. I took a much-needed nap, caught up on some TV, and sat on my nice patio watching the waves through the rain.

It was soon time for dinner, and I called a cab to head to Cafe Luna. On the way we picked up two Canadians who flagged down the taxi - their power had gone out and they desperately needed somewhere to go! So we gave them a lift to Cafe Luna as well. When we arrived I was seated by Jacob who, along with Demur, were my servers for the evening.

I had warm bread with olive oil to begin. For my appetizer, I had local organic sweet potato gnocchi pasta with sautéed local spinach, locally smoked bacon, and cheese sauce. Yes, it was as good as it sounds. For my main course I had local chicken breast oven roasted; filled with sweet potato, cheddar and finished with sauvignon blanc demi-glace. Once again, incredible. To drink I had a yummy banana drink called Banavanessarama (quite the mouthful, I know). And to finish off the night, I had a scrumptious white and dark chocolate baked cheesecake.

It was an incredible meal all around, from the food to the amazing service. I met the owner as well, who was so nice to talk with and was really supportive of my trip. I would like to thank Cafe Luna so much for sponsoring this meal! Sitting on the beautiful patio overlooking listening to the waves while eating this once in a lifetime meal was something I won’t soon forget.

After dinner, I took the same taxi back to the hotel, along with the couple from Canada. We had started to talk about my trip and they loved what I am doing! We talked the whole fifteen-minute drive back, and when we got there they were so kind and paid for my part of the taxi. I appreciate it so much!

While the rain kept me from seeing much of Bridgetown, I ended up having a pretty great day in Barbados. I have to wakeup really early again tomorrow before it is off to the U.S. for a few days!

13 countries down, 183 to go.

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