Country #67 - Oman

The Rest Day

I slept so well at the Radisson Blu Hotel Muscat and was thrilled. I had only two hours of sleep the night before and knew that tomorrow I would be sleeping on my overnight flight before spending the whole day in Agra, India visiting the Taj Mahal. As a result, I knew that today it was really important to catch up on sleep. When I planned this trip that was not what I had intended - I had planned to get out and explore Muscat, Oman. But that just didn’t happen. Another reason for this was the expense in Oman. Taxis cost a lot and other tourist options were outrageously expensive. Take the hop on hop off bus for instance - $80 for one day! It was insane.

As a result, I spent the day in my room catching up on sleep and catching up on work as well. It wasn’t ideal and definitely was not what I had intended, but it was definitely necessary. The good news, though, was that my room had a great view of the city so I was at least able to visibly see Muscat even if I was unable to experience it.


I can’t thank Radisson Blu Hotel Muscat enough for not only the great room but the warm welcome. I received a great note and hat from Eucharis who had helped to organize my stay, and was treated very kindly by everyone that I met. I was even given a late check out of 6pm which was just incredible! I spent a few more hours in the hotel working on things in the business center before heading to the airport for my 11pm flight to New Delhi, India.


It was a four-hour flight and I slept for maybe two hours - not ideal, but that’s why I rested up today! I would love to visit Oman again in the future and really have the time and means to explore it. It was nice to at least get a taste of the city, though!

67 countries down, 129 to go.

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