Country #30 - Paraguay


It was a good thing that I went to sleep so early last night because I had another early morning today. I took an exorbitantly expensive hourlong Uber to the airport, so I don’t recommend using Uber in Montevideo or in Uruguay in general. The airport itself was really modern and had cool seating inside. I waited a short while before boarding and then had a painless flight to Asuncion, Paraguay. Upon my arrival, I took an official airport taxi for the thirty-minute drive to my hotel, Hotel Le Moustier.

I was really excited for my stay at Hotel Le Moustier because I was able to meet my first "fan," Meli! She wants to work in travel and to travel more, and she emailed me when she heard about my journey. It was so great and exciting to meet her in person! I can't thank Meli enough for reaching out to me so early in my planning process - it was so encouraging! I got to meet her upon my arrival which was really exciting!

Meli helped me to my room where I was excited to shower and rest for a bit. My room was really nice and next to a balcony overlooking the heart of Hotel Le Moustier. I spent my day a bit differently than I had wanted to, no thanks to LATAM airlines. After my first bad experience with the airline where they stole $100 from my luggage flying from La Paz to Santiago and not caring, they were now charging me twice for my flight tomorrow. And it is a pretty expensive one, so I had to spend unfortunately a few hours sorting that out. Thanks to LATAM for again being the worst!


It was nice, though, once I decided to stay in Hotel Le Moustier for the day to just have a day to relax. And Hotel Le Moustier was a great place to do so. I cannot thank Hotel Le Moustier enough for sponsoring this night of my stay! It’s a picturesque place and it was really enjoyable to spend the day there. I had a really yummy lasagne for lunch out on the patio which was really nice with the perfect sunny weather. Afterwards, I headed to my room to spend some time working on things. Another thing keeping me from the heart of the city was the lack of transportation options. I would have been able to take a taxi from my hotel, but I was a bit apprehensive about then being able to find a reliable taxi back to the hotel from town.


While I definitely wish I could have seen more of Paraguay and Asuncion specifically, I had a really great day anyway. I loved being able to enjoy Hotel Le Moustier and also getting to know the people who worked there. It was really great finally meeting Meli too! Sometimes you just need a day to catch up on things, and while I wasn’t really planning on that being today it was definitely a welcome change of pace for a day. Especially before my busy day tomorrow. I cannot wait to visit Iguazu Falls!!!

30 countries down, 166 to go.

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