Sheer Rocks

Country #11 – Antigua and Barbuda

The Lunch of a Lifetime

Today I woke up, ate some really tasty plantain chips from Karol, and relaxed on the patio overlooking Antigua. It was a really productive morning before I headed out for the most incredible lunch of my life.

I walked down from the big hill Stoneyhill is on, crossed the street, and continued down a winding road towards the beach. I arrived at the Sheer Rocks restaurant around 1:00pm, and was greeted by the lovely hostess and waitstaff. I also met a young, recently married couple from Houston, Texas, Steven and Kristen. They were so cool to talk to and were really excited about what I am doing! After we talked for a while I was first seated at a table in the bar area overlooking the beautiful blue waters of Coco beach. The bartender, Karen, served me an amazing Mango Daiquiri made with fresh mangos she had picked herself! After a while just sitting and enjoying the view, I moved to my table for the afternoon.

It was a one seat table that had me looking out over the water - it was incredible. I was seated and given a menu, and was told to order whatever I liked. I cannot thank Sheer Rocks enough for sponsoring my lunch - it was an experience that I will never forget! To begin I ordered the pita bread with lemon and garlic aioli. It was an excellent starter and so tasty! After ordering I met the owner, Kate. She was so incredibly kind and it was so cool to talk to her. She is from the UK and is so excited about what I am doing! I cannot thank her enough for such an incredible meal.

After our talk I then had chicken croquettes with truffle mayo, truffle macaroni and cheese, and tomato and mozzarella pizza. Everything was fantastic. It was quite possibly one of the best, if not the best, macaroni and cheese dishes that I have ever had. Even though I was spacing out my dishes, there was sadly no way that I could possibly eat everything. However, I rallied to make it to desert. I ordered the chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and was not disappointed. Once again, it was indescribably good. After the meal I met the chef, and was able to tell him just how much I loved everything!

After sitting for a while before attempting to walk after such a meal, I wished the waitstaff goodbye and ventured out of Sheer Rocks and down to the beach below. On the beach I ran into Steven and Kristen again! We talked for a while about my trip and it was such a great conversation! I then took lots of pictures of the beach and from there I headed back on the upward trek to Stoneyhill. It was quite the hike!

Once I was back in my room I sat out on the patio for a while again. I could not get over the view and wanted to enjoy it as much as I could! Around 7:00pm I walked down to Karol and Merve’s house for a traditional British roast dinner cooked by Karol! My day of incredible food only continued as it was delicious. It was a great time getting to know them and discuss everything from the monkeys they think that I will encounter on St. Kitts to the history of Stoneyhill itself. It was such a great night, and again, I cannot thank them enough for everything!

After dinner I headed back up to my room to get a good night’s sleep before another early morning!

11 countries down, 185 to go.

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